A Typical Day at Ready Set Grow Preschool

A Typical Day at Ready Set Grow Preschool

A Typical Day at Ready Set Grow Preschool

At Ready Set Grown Preschool, of New Hyde Park, Long Island, we provide quality preschool classes filled with education. We’ve created a variety of classes for our little ones to rotate between each day. The amount of days the child attends school will be the deciding factor for their class schedule.

Daily Preschool Routines

All of our preschool classes are incorporated together to provide a well rounded educational and enjoyable preschool experience. Every morning at Ready Set Grow we split up the children into groups and send them off to their first activity. The children are separated by age groups, all groups will rotate between classrooms in order to let them experience all activities. Below is an example of a typical day for our preschooler from start to finish.

Preschoolers Exercise Their Imaginations

Our 3 1/2 and 4 years olds will normally start their days in the imagination room where they have tea parties, puppet shows or anything else they come up with using their imagination. We have the children to come up with their own ideas and interact with one another. Our imagination room is filled with fun props to allow our preschool children to have fun playing pretend.

Problem Solving and Science Experiments

After imagination rooms it’s time to mosey on over to the math and science room, where children can use their brains to problem solve. Even in preschool we have our little ones learning math and science. Preschool children learn mathematical concepts best with puzzles, building blocks and other tools used for counting. As a group, we perform science experiments and learn about all the various steps it takes, to conduct each experiment. We also have the environmental center visitReady Set Grow preschool and introduce the children to animals such as hamsters and butterflies.

Our Preschoolers Explore Their Creative Side

Before children enter our art explosion class, we let them enjoy a nice snack. All children bring their own snacks and sit around the tables conversing with one an other. After snack time we bring out the crayons, glue and paint brushes for art explosion time. All of our preschoolers always have a blast creating their own works of art. At Ready Set Grow we use only the safest art materials for children. We let the children enjoy both process focused and product focused art activities. Both are fun and extremely rewarding to children’s developmental skills.

Our Preschoolers Unwind with Storytime

After art, we gather the children into the story time room to enjoy a nice book. Our preschool teachers invite the children to participate and guess what’s going to happen next. Reading to children is an integral part of the learning process. Story time opens the door for children to exercise their listening comprehension skills. After story time, we get the little ones all packed up and ready to go home.