Preparing Your Preschooler for Kindergarten

Preparing Your Preschooler for Kindergarten

Preparing Your Preschooler for Kindergarten

The best way to prepare your child for kindergarten is by enrolling them in a preschool like Ready Set Grow in New Hyde Park Long Island. Why? Because preschool provides children with the skills they need in order to succeed in grade school. Preschool eases your child into a structured educational environment in which there are rules, organization, and fun.

Preparing For Kindergarten By Having Fun In Preschool!

Fun is an important part of preschool, although it may seem easy to skip over amidst all of the educational aspects that must be focused upon for kindergarten readiness. Fun at preschool gives your children the impression that school is enjoyable and that positive attitude associated with school will allow them to not only succeed educationally but socially as well.

While having fun in preschool, they will learn to listen to their teacher, try their best on their math, on their spelling and reading, and to make friends so that they are socially developing. These are all positive skills for their future and important attributes needed for success in grade school from the first day of kindergarten to the last day of high school or college.

Educational Milestones for Kindergarten Readiness

In order to enter kindergarten with their best foot forward, children should be:

  • Recognizing letters of the alphabet
  • Recognizing the numbers 1-10
  • Being able to read the numbers 1-10
  • Possibly being able to read their name
  • Possibly being able to write their name: first name only as last names can be complicated
  • Able to recognize simple shapes: such a square, rectangle, circle, and triangle

Some children may be able to recognize simple words while reading along with teachers, parents, or older siblings such as, “the,” “and,” “on,” “to,” “at,” and such. However, recognizing these words at such a young age is not a prerequisite for reading. They may not even be able to recognize all of the sounds that letters make, and that’s OK. That’s what kindergarten teaches.

The purpose of preschool is to prepare their minds and their bodies for the process of learning. Once they are used to the structured environment of a classroom, they are more easily taught the sounds of the letter “A” or the letter “O.” The educational fundamentals are able to be taught right away when the child is comfortable learning. It is harder instead for a child who hasn’t sat in the structure of preschool who still needs to learn how to listen and how to be taught in a structured environment to learn.

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