How To Choose The Right Preschool for Your Child Part 1

How To Choose The Right Preschool for Your Child Part 1

How To Choose The Right Preschool for Your Child Part 1

At Ready Set Grow Pre-school, your child’s education is our mission. At around 3 years old many parents choose to enroll their children in preschool. There are so many choices out there, and each always say they’re the best—but only a limited few like Ready Set Grow Pre-school of long island truly provide the best in activity, education, play, and fundamental skill building. In deciding where your child should go to preschool there are many considerations that need to be made. Taking a tour of the preschool and asking questions are the most important things to do. Before you take your tour it is helpful to write out a list of your “wants” and your “must haves” so that you can find a school that fits your criteria.

Before You Go

Parents know they want the best pre-school classes on Long Island for their children, but what characterizes “the best” to you specifically? Write out a list of your “wants” and your “must haves” in a preschool. It can be a little overwhelming, emotional, and exciting when you begin touring preschools for your little one, so having this list already done is a real help. This will prepare you with a kind of checklist to consider as you view the preschool and know what questions to ask should something be on your list that is not specifically shown or mentioned on the tour. Here is an example to give you an idea of things to consider:


An emphasis on art, music, math, and science. Appropriate age groups: with no one much younger or older in the classroom
Results: kids know their alphabet & basic numbers when they leave Teachers who are certified in CPR and child safety
Lead teachers who are certified as early-learning teachers When you visit the kids look happy to be there and are having fun. They are excited about learning.
Parent-involvement There are many books at grabbing level to the children & they are read to at least once a day.
Nutritious meals (Snack time or lunch) Included There are some organized activities during the day such as “sponge painting hour” or “bead melting.”
A play-centric atmosphere Staff seems kind and energetic toward the kids and open with parents
Flexible hours & weekend class options Focus on skill building, independence, communication, socialization, respect, etc.

After creating a list of your child’s preschool needs and wants, it’s important to plan a tour of the preschool, for further evaluation. In next week’s post, we will discuss other factors to consider when choosing the right preschool for your child.

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