Tips from Teachers at Ready Set Grow Preschool

Tips from Teachers at Ready Set Grow Preschool

Tips from Teachers at Ready Set Grow Preschool

Ready Set Grow located in Nassau County, Long Island, always encourages our parents of the preschoolers to maintain open communications with our staff. All of our teachers are glad to schedule appointments for children’s parents to come in and visit our preschool

Best Ways to Communicate with Our Preschool Teachers


  • Making time to visit your child’s classroom after school is a great way to learn about their daily activities. Visiting the classroom can also build a good rapport with the teacher.
  • If your child is working on potty training, drinking from a big kid cup or another similar situation, it’s important to notify the teacher. By communicating with the teacher you can colloborate with each other and develop an action plan. Teachers can provide updates and inform you on their progress.
  • When meeting with teachers it’s best to be prepared. Creating a list of questions and concerns will keep you organized and make sure all of your questions get answered.
  • Send notes to the teacher letting them know any information that could be helpful. For example if your child is having a bad day informing the teacher could be very helpful.


Best Ways to Actively Participate in Your Child’s Preschool Education


  • Ask teachers about upcoming events and offer to participate or help out in organizing.
  • Discuss the curriculum with teachers so you can reinforce what their learning at home.
  • We also encourage the opportunity to have parents come sit in on a lesson or participate in one of our many fun activities.
  • Contact other parents using class rosters and keep open communication. This will allow you to network with other parents and gain new perspectives.At Ready Set Grow Preschool our staff of teachers works side by side with parents to ensure proper educational and social development. If you’re child currently attends our school and you’d like to participate more in their educational process contact us here.


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