Summer Preschool Classes: Getting Kids Ready for Fall

Summer Preschool Classes: Getting Kids Ready for Fall

Summer Preschool Classes: Getting Kids Ready for Fall

At Ready Set Grow Preschool we strive to provide your children with the most fun summer around! Our preschool classes are full of arts and crafts, activities, and of course we put a sprinkling of learning onto each everyday activity. This summer is going by fast! Make sure your child is prepared for fall preschool classes and Kindergarten by introducing them to the routine of learning and community found in our preschool classrooms. Learn more about our upcoming summer preschool class below.

 Last Call for Summer Preschool!

Our last session of summer preschool on long island is coming up, with the first day of class less than 2 weeks away! This session is 4 weeks long, running from July 27th-August 21st. We offer three different class schedules depending on the age of your child. You can look up your child’s age below and see our many options for some of the best preschool classes long island has:

For information regarding tuition please contact us directly or check out our schedule page with full details of our New Hyde Park preschool classes and pricing.

Why Enroll in Summer Preschool?

Fall is only a little way away now, and making sure your child is prepared for their upcoming fall preschool classes or Kindergarten is very important. All ages benefit from summer preschool, with benefits including:

  1. The stability and consistency of a spending time in a classroom environment
  2. No loss of momentum or learning with a large summer break to interrupt learning progress
  3. Less disciplinary issues in the fall and overall when children are not taken away from the order and regulation of listening to a teacher’s directions and time schedule of when organized activities begin and end.
  4. More positive disposition when able to take naps at the same time each day, in the same environment, as is often not possible for families on the go during the summer.
  5. Continued socialization on a high level, predisposing your child to a higher self-esteem and friendly disposition as is commonly associated with playing with friends regularly.
  6. Be prepared for fall preschool classes and especially the change to Kindergarten!

Don’t miss out on enrolling your child in summer preschool, contact us today by calling (516) 775-5545 to save their spot!